(厦门大学 材料学院,福建省材料基因工程重点实验室,福建 厦门 361005)

Nb-Cr-Mo三元系; 相图; CALPHAD; 热力学计算

Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Calculation of the Phase Diagram in the Nb-Cr-Mo Ternary System
WANG Cuiping,CHEN Bing,CHEN Yuechao,

(Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials Genome,College of Materials,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361005,China)

Nb-Cr-Mo ternary system; phase diagram; CALPHAD; thermodynamic calculation

DOI: 10.6043/j.issn.0438-0479.201706010


采用电子探针显微分析(EPMA)和X射线衍射(XRD)技术,对Nb-Cr-Mo三元系在1 000和1 200 ℃时全成分的等温截面相图进行了实验测定,并结合实验数据和已报道的相平衡实验信息,基于CALPHAD(calculation of phase diagrams)方法,对Nb-Cr-Mo三元系相图进行了热力学优化与计算,获得了自洽性良好的热力学参数,计算结果与实验数据取得了良好的一致性.

In this work,the phase diagrams of the Nb-Cr-Mo ternary system at 1 000 ℃ and 1 200 ℃ were experimentally determined using a combined method of electron probe microanalysis and X-ray diffraction on the equilibrated alloys.Based on the experimental results from this work and literatures,the Nb-Cr-Mo ternary system was thermodynamically calculated using CALPHAD(calculation of phase diagrams)method,and self consistent thermodynamic parameters were obtained.The calculated results agreed well with the experimental data.