(厦门大学 化学化工学院,固体表面物理化学国家重点实验室,醇醚酯化工清洁生产国家工程实验室,福建 厦门 361005)

甲酸; Pd-B-P/C; 氢能源; NaH2PO2; 二甲胺硼烷

Highly Efficient Pd-B-P/C Catalyst for Decomposition of Formic Acid
CHEN Tao,ZHANG Laiying,ZHANG Hongbin,LI Haiyan*

(State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces,National Engineering Laboratory for Green Chemical Productions of Alcohols-Ethers-Esters,College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361005,China)

DOI: 10.6043/j.issn.0438-0479.201702028


甲酸(FA)分解制氢是解决能源问题的有效途径,而开发一类高效、稳定、廉价的催化剂是FA分解制氢在未来得到广泛应用的关键.联合使用一水合次亚磷酸钠(NaH2PO2·H2O)和二甲胺硼烷(DMAB)作为还原剂,成功制备了一类B、P共掺杂的Pd基催化剂,其对FA分解制氢具有较高的活性和选择性.在303 K、反应混合液为1 mol/L FA和3 mol/L甲酸钠(SF)的条件下,前1 h反应的平均转化频率(TOF)达到798 h-1,通过气相色谱检测发现分解后的气体产物中CO的体积分数小于0.01%,保证了分解得到氢气的清洁.

Dehydrogenation via formic acid decomposition is an effective way to solve energy problem,and the development of a class of highly efficient,stable and cheap catalyst is the key to extensive applications of formic acid dehydrogenation in the future.In this paper,a new kind of double doped Pd-based catalyst(Pd-B-P/C)were successfully prepared by using hydrated sodium hypophosphite and dimethylamine borane(DMAB)as reducing agent,which displayed high activity and selectivity for decomposition of formic acid.Under optional reaction conditions:303 K,1 mol/L formic acid and 3 mol/L sodium formate,the turn-over frequency(TOF)of formic acid decomposition over the Pd-B-P/C catalyst reached 798 h-1 in the first 1 hour.The gas products from decomposition of the formic acid were measured by gas chromatography and found that the fractional volume of CO was less than 0.01%,which ensured the decomposed hydrogen clean and pure.