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 NIU Su fang,SU Yong quan,WANG Jun*,et al.Population Genetic Structure Analysis of Decapterus maruadsi from Fujian Coastal Waters[J].Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science),2012,51(4):759.





Population Genetic Structure Analysis of Decapterus maruadsi from Fujian Coastal Waters
厦门大学海洋与地球学院,福建 厦门 361005
NIU SufangSU YongquanWANG Jun*ZHANG Liyan**
College of Ocean and Earth Sciences,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361005,China
Fujian coastal watersDecapterus maruadsicontrol regiongenetic diversitygenetic structure
Q 958.8
测定了福建近海蓝圆鲹(Decapterus maruadsi Temminck & Schlegel)2个群体共60尾个体的线粒体DNA(mtDNA)控制区序列,探讨了闽东和闽南群体遗传结构和遗传多样性.结果显示:获得长度为834~838 bp的控制区部分序列,在所测的60个样本中,共检测到23个变异位点,定义了28个单倍型,平均单倍型多样性(h)为0.948±0.0145,核苷酸多样性(π)为0.004 99±0.002 79,核苷酸差异数(K)为4.173±2.104,提示了福建近海蓝圆鲹具有较高的
The partial mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA)control region sequences were amplified from two Decapterus maruadsi populations collected from coastal waters in Eastern Fujian(n=30)and Southern Fujian(n=30)and then sequenced to test the population genetic structure and genetic diversity.The results showed that a total of 23 variable sites were found in the aligned sequences of 834~838 bp,and 28 haplotypes were defined in 60 specimens.High levels of haplotype diversity(h=0.948±0.0145),low levels nucleotide diversity(π=0.004 99±0.002 79)and the pairwise nucleotide differences(K=4.173±2.104)were detected,indicating a high level of genetic diversity.Neighborjoining(NJ) phylogenetic tree was constructed based on the haplotypes from the two populations.However,there was not any genealogy appearing in the haplotypes tree.The star burst structure of the haplotype network also suggested no population structure existed.The demographic history of D.maruadsi was examined by using neutrality tests and mismatch distribution analysis.Demographic expansion was observed in Southern Fujian,starting within the interglacial period before 63 000 a,whereas no population expansion was detected in Eastern Fujian.The regional climate variations caused by the Little Ice Age and overexploitation of Eastern Fujian were predicted to account for the distinct demographic history among clades.Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) by ARLEQUIN Version 3.1 revealed all variation occured within populations,which signaled no significant genetic structure throughout the examined range which was in conformity with Neighborjoining phylogenetic tree and haplotype network.The pairwise Kimura 2paramter genetic distances calculated by the MEGA Version 4.0 were also small between the two populations.The result showed that D.maruadsi had high genetic diversity and genetically homogeneous population structure between the two populations in Eastern Fujian and Southern Fujian,this might be emerge from strong diffusion capacity,big population size,population expansion and oceanographic current in Fujian coastal waters.The knowledge on genetic diversity and genetic structure will be crucial to establish appropriate fishery management stocks for the fish.


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