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1 σ-aromaticity in Diborane and Its Congeners
CHEN Shuxuan,CHEN Xiumei,Lü Xin*
2016 03 [305-308][Abstract](5556)[pdf 990KB](6684)
2 Research on Visible to Mid-infrared Pulsed Fiber Lasers Modulated by Novel Two Dimensional Materials
HUANG Yizhong,WU Duanduan,CAI Zhiping,LUO Zhengqian*
2017 06 [768-782][Abstract](5059)[pdf 2971KB](4406)
3 Theoretical Study on Structure and Properties of Ternary Complexes [Mg(Gly)(H2O)n]2+
MENG Xiangjun*,SHI Jin
2017 06 [799-808][Abstract](4783)[pdf 2336KB](4481)
4 Highly Efficient Pd-B-P/C Catalyst for Decomposition of Formic Acid
CHEN Tao,ZHANG Laiying,ZHANG Hongbin,LI Haiyan*
2017 06 [817-822][Abstract](4759)[pdf 955KB](4456)
5 Fabrication of Electrospinning Polypeptide/Polycaprolactone Blend Nanofibers and Their Highly Effective Surface Modification by Thiol-Yne Photochemistry
YI Ling1,LUO Weiang2,YE Guodong1,HUANG Yugang1*
2017 06 [809-816][Abstract](4758)[pdf 2708KB](4436)
6 Syntheses,Structural Characterization and Fluorescent Properties of Zn(Ⅱ),Cd(Ⅱ)and(E)-N1-(pyridin-4-ylmethylene)benzene-1,4-diamine Sulphate Complex Salts
GAO San,XU Han,MA Zitian,YANG Shiyao*,LONG Lasheng,HUANG Rongbin,ZHENG Lansun
2017 06 [791-798][Abstract](4723)[pdf 3365KB](4475)
7 An Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Redundance Removed Dictionary
ZHANG Danying,LI Cuihua*,LI Xiongzong,SHI Hua,ZHANG Dongxiao
2012 04 [691-][Abstract](4686)[pdf 479KB](5543)
8 Research Progress of Marangoni Convection During Mass Transfer
WANG Zhenfeng,ZHONG Yixing,SHA Yong*
2017 06 [783-790][Abstract](4620)[pdf 856KB](4071)
9 Effects of Drought Stress on Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Three Island Vegetation Restoration Plants
TANG Kunxian1*,CHEN Huiying1,2,CHEN Yuzhen1,SONG Hui1,SUN Yuanmin1,CAI Luchun1,LIU Minlu1
2017 06 [845-851][Abstract](4613)[pdf 1541KB](4301)
10 The Effect of Flexoelectricity on Performance of Simple Support Beam Piezoelectric Sensors
YANG Changping1,SU Yaxuan2,LIN Xiaohui1,ZHOU Zhidong1*
2017 06 [823-830][Abstract](4605)[pdf 1206KB](4344)
11 Characteristic Analysis of Benthic Meiofauna Communities in Futian Mangrove Area of the Shenzhen Bay
TAN Wenjuan1,ZENG Jiali1,LI Chenlan2,RAO Yiyong1,CHEN Xinwei1,CAI Lizhe1,2*
2017 06 [859-865][Abstract](4604)[pdf 3123KB](4237)
12 Numerical Analysis of Reverse Flow in Inverted U-tube of Steam Generator Under Natural Circulation
XU Zhigang,HONG Gang*,GUO Qixun,BIAN Boshen,ZHANG Yaoli
2017 06 [831-837][Abstract](4602)[pdf 1490KB](4386)
13 Phylogenetic Relationship of 16 Species of Penaeid Shrimps Inferred from Two Nuclear Protein-coding Genes
YI Xiao,MAO Yong,SU Yongquan*
2017 06 [838-844][Abstract](4594)[pdf 1133KB](4308)
14 AlNxOy Film Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition and Its Research in Resistive Random Access Memory
LIU Yu,YU Jue,HUANG Wei*,LI Jun,WANG Jianyuan,XU Jianfang,LI Cheng,CHEN Songyan
2017 06 [886-890][Abstract](4593)[pdf 1287KB](4182)
15 Species Composition and Abundance Distribution of Meso- and Micro-copepods and Their Relationships with Environmental Factors During Dry and Wet Seasons in the Pearl River Estuary
HUANG Binbin1*,ZHENG Shuxian2,CAI Weixu1,FANG Hongda1,GUO Donghui3
2017 06 [852-858][Abstract](4588)[pdf 1937KB](4292)
16 Blowup for the Spherically Symmetric Solutions of n-dimensional Euler Equations with Damping
ZHU Xusheng*,ZHAO Kangxin,FU Chunyan
2017 06 [876-881][Abstract](4583)[pdf 776KB](4227)
17 Vertex-distinguishing Ⅰ-total Colorings and Vertex-distinguishing Ⅵ-total Colorings of Cm∨Cn,Cm∨Wn,Cm∨Fn
MIAO Tingting1,WANG Zhiwen2,CHEN Xiang’en1*
2017 06 [870-875][Abstract](4575)[pdf 784KB](4250)
18 Generalized Auslander-Reiten Conjecture and Triangular Matrix Algebras
LIU Hongjin1,2*,CHEN Qinghua2
2017 06 [866-869][Abstract](4569)[pdf 777KB](4246)
19 The Feasibility of the Capacity Inverse Minimum Cost Flow Problem
LIU Longcheng*,LI Chao,CUI Jia
2017 06 [882-885][Abstract](4562)[pdf 744KB](4206)
20 Decay Estimates for Compresssible Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with Coulomb Force
WANG Weiwei
2012 05 [807-][Abstract](4540)[pdf 510KB](3236)
21 Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics Around a Triangular Prism
QIU Yue,JIANG Jianhua,LIU Zhirong*)
2017 06 [891-899][Abstract](4536)[pdf 10868KB](4108)
22 Construction of 12 Multiplex Transcriptome Libraries for Roche/454 Pyroseqeuencing Platform
CHEN Zhisen,HUANG Zixia,CHEN Jun*,KE Caihuan
2012 04 [774-][Abstract](4532)[pdf 693KB](4864)
23 Analysis of Composite Material Thick Walled Tubes Subjected to Pure Bending Loading Using Two Stress Functions Independent to Each Other
ZHANG Canhui*,ZHANG Jianlin,KE Miaohong,CHEN Dongxia
2017 06 [900-906][Abstract](4526)[pdf 1301KB](4130)
24 Wind-induced Response and Optimal Design of Vibration Control of Complex-shape High-rise Buildings
ZHANG Jianguo*,ZHUANG Jiakun,ZHUANG Huimin
2017 06 [907-912][Abstract](4499)[pdf 965KB](4194)
25 Studies on Individual Cultivation of Scylla paramamosain with Segregative Cages in Hatchery
WEI Jianqun,LIN Qiongwu*,CHEN Xuelei,AI Chunxiang,WANG Guizhong,LI Shaojing,YONG Jie
2007年02期 [248-][Abstract](4408)[pdf 432KB](2899)
26 Bioinformatics Procedure of Largescale GO Annotation
HUANG Zixia,KE Caihuan,CHEN Jun*
2012 01 [139-][Abstract](4395)[pdf 483KB](10480)
27 A Broadband Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester Based on Impact Mechanism
QIN Li-feng*,HAN Chao-ran,YANG Lei,ZHOU Wei,MA Sheng-lin
2014年04期 [502-507][Abstract](4389)[pdf 1174KB](35980)
28 Graphene Oxide Self-assembled Hydrogels
HUANG Zhi-feng,LI Lei,BAI Hua*
2014年05期 [621-630][Abstract](4377)[pdf 1708KB](15059)
29 A Method of Images Superresolution Reconstruction Based on MRFMAP Frame
LU Lin,LI Cuihua*,ZHANG Zhen,YU Libo,ZHANG Dongxiao,SHI Hua
2012 04 [696-][Abstract](4253)[pdf 530KB](4514)
30 Geometric Measures and Properties of Commonly Used Kernel Functions
LUO Linkai,YE Lingjun,ZHOU Qifeng
2009 06 [804-][Abstract](4200)[pdf 157KB](8422)
31 Study on Protoplast Transformation of Mortierella alpina and Its Homologous Expression of Elongase Gene
ZHANG Changjie,LING Xueping,ZENG Siyu,LU Yinghua*
2012 05 [911-][Abstract](4071)[pdf 2163KB](12952)
32 Greedy Algorithm Based on Bucket Partitioning for Differentially Private Histogram Publication
SUN Lan1*,WU Ying-jie1,ZHANG Xi-lin1,XIE Yi2
2013年06期 [770-][Abstract](4026)[pdf 849KB](4472)
33 Dynamical Properties of Homoepitaxy Growth on the Znpolar (0001)
JIANG Baofeng,ZHANG Chunmiao,CHEN Xiaohang,ZHAN Huahan, ZHOU Yinghui,WANG Huiqiong,KANG Junyong*
2012 04 [666-][Abstract](4004)[pdf 400KB](3924)
34 Experimental Study on the Shear Strength of Unsaturated Residual Soils in Xiamen
CHEN Dongxia1,2*,NI Jian2,ZHANG Maxiu2,LIN Youqiang2,HU Yi2
2012 05 [877-][Abstract](3983)[pdf 1235KB](3618)
35 Population Genetic Structure Analysis of Decapterus maruadsi from Fujian Coastal Waters
NIU Sufang,SU Yongquan,WANG Jun*,ZHANG Liyan**
2012 04 [759-][Abstract](3971)[pdf 551KB](3905)
36 Isolation and Characterisation of Putative Probiotics from Haliotis diversicolour
JIANG Qingru,KE Caihuan,YU Jinjin,ZHAO Jing*
2012 04 [782-][Abstract](3935)[pdf 693KB](3827)
37 Advances of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
SU Peifeng*,TAN Kai,WU Anan,L Xin,ZHAO Yi, CAO Zexing,WU Wei
2011 02 [311-][Abstract](3931)[pdf 1377KB](4792)
38 IBP Superresolution Reconstruction Based on Improvement Approach of Keren Registration Method
ZHANG Yongyu,LI Cuihua*,YU Libo,ZHANG Dongxiao,LI Xiongzong,SHI Hua
2012 04 [686-][Abstract](3877)[pdf 407KB](3862)
39 Design and Optimization of Highefficiency GaAs/Si Tandem Solar Cell
LIU Rui,LI Xin,LIU Jingjing,CHEN Songyan*, LI Cheng,HUANG Wei
2012 04 [798-][Abstract](3847)[pdf 370KB](4068)
40 Recent Advances on Deep-Learning-Based Face Analysis
YAN Yan,CHEN Riwei,WANG Hanzi*
2017 01 [13-24][Abstract](3776)[pdf 941KB](4260)
41 Selfhealing Function Based on Wireless Sensor Networks of ZigBee
LI Zhenhan1,TANG Yuliang1*,LEI Ying2
2012 05 [834-][Abstract](3754)[pdf 1813KB](3470)
42 Isolation and Identification of a High Algicidal Actinomycete
ZHENG Xiaowei1,HUANG Liping1,ZHANG Bangzhou1, ZHANG Jinlong1,YANG Xiaoru3,ZHENG Tianling1,2*
2012 05 [923-][Abstract](3739)[pdf 1209KB](2670)
43 Progresses on Flavonoid Metabolism in Plants and It′s Regulation
ZHU Heng,HU Hongyou*,LU Changyi,LI Xiong
2007 No.S1 [136-][Abstract](3716)[pdf 241KB](5276)
44 An Improved Weighted Naive Bayes Classification Algorithm Using Feature Correlation
RAO Lili1,LIU Xionghui2,ZHANG Dongzhan1*
2012 04 [682-][Abstract](3647)[pdf 203KB](6602)
45 An Improved Region Growing Algorithm and Its Applications in Kidney Segmentation
GAO Yan,WANG Boliang*
2012 04 [701-][Abstract](3608)[pdf 230KB](3925)
46 Superresolution Image Reconstruction Based on Gestalt Theory
LI Cuihua*,SHI Hua,DAI Pingyang,CHEN Jing, DU Xiaofeng,QU Yanyun,XIE Yi
2011 02 [261-][Abstract](3591)[pdf 711KB](2949)
47 Key Technology of The Sensitivitybased TCM Subhealth Diagnosis
WANG Yi1,DAI Ying2,GUO Feng1,3,LI Shaozi1,3*
2012 05 [866-][Abstract](3574)[pdf 1798KB](3390)
48 Mechanism of the Ocean Water Cooling Caused by Typhoon Sinlaku in 2008
LEI Famei, JIANG Yuwu*
2012 05 [903-][Abstract](3563)[pdf 4715KB](3174)
49 CNT-promoted Cu-ZrO2-HZSM-5 Hybrid Catalysts for Direct Synthesis of DME from(CO2+H2)
CHEN Qiu-hong, ZHANG Meng-hui, LIN Guo-dong, ZHANG Hong-bin*
2012 6 [1036-][Abstract](3553)[pdf 1118KB](1328)
50 Finite Element Approximation for the Anomalous Sub-diffusion Process
WU Chun-hong1,LIU Qing-xia2
2014年02期 [165-170][Abstract](3480)[pdf 1292KB](19676)