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Double-Parameter Measurement Sensor for Pressure and Temperature with Single Fiber Bragg Grating(PDF)

Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science)[ISSN:0438-0479/CN:35-1070/N]

2017 04
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Double-Parameter Measurement Sensor for Pressure and Temperature with Single Fiber Bragg Grating
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XIE Haihe123LIN Zhenheng23ZHENG Minmin23HUANG Yuanqing13YAN Huangping1*
1.School of Aerospace Engineering,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361005,China; 2.School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering,Putian University,Putian 351100,China; 3.Laser Precision Machining Engineering Technology Research Center of Fujian Province
double-parameter sensors optical fiber sensor optical fiber grating
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There are temperature cross-sensitivity problems of fiber bragg grating(FBG)sensors for non-temperature measurements using common cantilever beams as the sensitization structure.Therefore,the double-thicknessand isosceles-triangle cantilever beam structure is carried out for solving the problem.It is verified by simulations and theoretical analyses that the structure can serve as a double-intensity cantilever beam.A single FBG grating is placed on the thickness-changing border position for constituting double grating.Based on the fiber sensor theory,the relationship between center wavelength difference of double crest and pressure is given,and the relationship between center wavelength common function value of double crest and temperature is also given.Structure Hence the for pressure and temperature measurements is theoretically proved.It can be proved by the experiment that the temperature is proportional to the modular function value of two crests,but is independent from wavelength difference of two crests.Besides,the pressure is proportional to wavelength difference of two crests,but is independent from modular function value of two crests.The press and temperature are measured by the sensor structure at the same time.In conclusion,these problems of temperature-cross sensitivity are solved by double-thickness and isosceles-triangle cantilever beam sensor structure.


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