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Double-antibody Sandwich ELISA for Detecting Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Clinical Nasopharynx Aspirate Samples(PDF)

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2017 04
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Double-antibody Sandwich ELISA for Detecting Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Clinical Nasopharynx Aspirate Samples
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SUN Yongpeng1JIN Shumei1ZHAN Luting1WEN Guiping12ZHAO Min12ZHANG Wei12XIA Ningshao12ZHENG Zizheng1*
1.State Key Laboratory of Molecular Vaccinology and Molecular Diagnostics,Xiamen University,2.National Institute of Diagnostics and Vaccine Development of Infectious Diseases,School of Public Health,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361102,China
respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) fusion protein double-antibody sandwich ELISA rapid diagnosis
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Respiratory syncytial virus(RSV)is the major cause of hospitalization and medically attended lower respiratory tract infection in children under 5 years old and infects all children by the age of 2.Currently,RSV infected patients are usually detected with the seven respiratory virus diagnostic kit(immunofluorescence,Diagnostic Hybrids company,USA),which is expensive and judged subjectively.Nowadays,a rapid diagnostic kit for detection of RSV is not available in China.In this study,we established a sandwich ELISA rapid diagnostic method for antigen detection of RSV antigen at the early stage of infection.112 clinical nasopharyngeal aspirate(NPA)samples were detected by sandwich ELISA and fluorescence microscopy diagnosis,with standard RT-PCR method as reference,and the results show that both methods have high consistency with the RT-PCR method.The sensitivity of the sandwich ELISA and fluorescence microscopy diagnosis was respectively 79.31% and 74.14%,with the specificity of 100% and 96.30%,as well as the Kappa value of 0.787 1 and 0.689 5.There was no statistically significant difference between sandwich ELISA and fluorescence microscopy diagnosis(p>0.05).In conclusion,our sandwich ELISA method is simple and highly specific,which is expected to replace imported testing kits for rapid diagnosis of early RSV infection.


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