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Synthesis and Thermal Conductivity of Montmorillonite/Graphene/Poly(vinyl alcohol)Composite Films(PDF)

Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science)[ISSN:0438-0479/CN:35-1070/N]

2017 04
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Synthesis and Thermal Conductivity of Montmorillonite/Graphene/Poly(vinyl alcohol)Composite Films
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ZHU ShoujiDENG Shunliu*XIE Suyuan
State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces,College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Xiamen University,Xiamen 361005,China
graphene poly(vinyl alcohol)(PVA) montmorillonite(MMT) composite films thermal conductivity
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In this paper,graphene oxide(GO)and exfoliated montmorillonite(MMT)hybrid(MMT/GO)were used as a dual filler to prepare MMT/graphene/poly(vinyl alcohol)(MMT/rGO/PVA)nanocomposites via solution blending.Our results show that GO prepared at -40 ℃ exhibits less defects,suggesting higher thermal conductivity when filled with polymer composites.The presence of exfoliated MMT sheets greatly prevents the aggregation of graphene sheets because of the hydrogen-bond interaction and crosslinking effects(sodium ions serve as "crosslinkers")between GO and MMT sheets.Meanwhile,the hydrogen bonds between the PVA matrix and the MMT/GO dual filler improve their dispersion and their interfacial interaction,resulting in the significant decrease in interfacial thermal resistance.The effects of the ratio of MMT to GO and the filling percentage of the dual filler on the thermal conductivity of MMT/rGO/PVA nanocomposites were investigated.The thermal conductivity of MMT/rGO/PVA nanocomposites with 12% filling of MMT/GO(2:1,by mass )dual filler is 66.4 W/(m·K),which is 132 times greater than that of pure PVA film.


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