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Research Progresses of Vanadium Based Materials as Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors(PDF)

Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science)[ISSN:0438-0479/CN:35-1070/N]

2017 04
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Research Progresses of Vanadium Based Materials as Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors
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WEI ChuangYANG ZhaoXIE BingLI Hongyi*
College of Materials Science and Engineering,Chongqing University,Chongqing 400044,China
vanadium nanomaterials electrode materials supercapacitors
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Recently,supercapacitors have attracted wide attention due to their superior electrochemical performance.A variety of electrode materials as one of the critical parts of supercapacitors have been studied widely.Vanadium is a multivalent metal element,which provides the vanadium based materials with high theoretical capacity and excellent electrochemical reversibility.Therefore,vanadium based materials are promising electrode materials for commercial supercapacitors.Vanadium based materials are usually synthesized as nanostructures or composites to improve their electrochemical performance.In order to provide a reference to the development of vanadium based electrode materials for supercapacitors,our review summarized the progresses of domestic and overseas research in preparation and performance of vanadium based nanomaterials from zero dimensional to three dimensional ones.


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